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Important information for 49th WMTS championship players

  • Tournament registration of players closes on the 1st of July, 2019 (Monday).
  • Timetables for singles players will be announced online on the 15th of July.
  • Tennis matches will be held in 18 clay courts across 3 tennis centres.
  • In the event of rain, the tournament is scheduled to take place in SEB arena (

We thus kindly ask our players to have indoor footwear.

  • SEB arena is a first-class establishment comprising 14 hard courts and 6 carpet courts among its other sport and wellness facilities. Carpet courts will be used for 65+-age category matches, whilst other matches will be played in the hard courts.
  • Every tennis match will be provided with 3 new Babolat VS N2 balls and bottled water for each player.
  • Shuttle bus services from main hotel to tennis courts will be provided throughout the whole tournament.
  • You can always track the timetables of maches, results and tournament progress on our official website.


-09:00-19:00 REGISTRATION @ Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva (Address: Konstitucijos ave. 20). All participants are requested to Register onsite.
-09:00-18:00 Training day. Registration is Open from August 3 ONSITE (@REGISTRATION desk). Registration is banged on First come First served bases
-19:00 Opening Reception @ Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva

-09:00-19:00 Championship

-09:00-19:00 Championship
-10:00-16:00 Congress @ Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva (Address: Konstitucijos ave. 20)

-09:00-19:00 Championship
-10:00-16:00 Congress @ Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva (Address: Konstitucijos ave. 20)
-19:00 Speakers dinner @ Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius (Address: Universiteto str. 14)

-09:00-19:00 Championship
-19:00 National dinner @ Vilnius City Hall (Address: Dizioji str. 31)

-09:00-19:00 Championship

-09:00-19:00 Championship
-19:00 Award dinner @ Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (Address: Katedros sq. 4)

Travelling to Vilnius by train

Vilnius Railway Station
+370 700 55 111

Vilnius has a reasonable choice of direct air links with Belarus, Kaliningrad, Latvia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. Vilnius Railway Station, like the Bus Station, is situated not far from the Old Town of Vilnius.

Trolley buses No. 1, 2, 5, 7, 20 and buses No. 26, 34, 53 will take you from the station to the center of the city.

In the building of the Railway Station there is a Sales Agency where you can book tickets for international routes, rent a car, obtain life insurance. There are also two travel agencies, newspaper, souvenir and flower kiosks, and a grocery there. You can even book a train for an occasional trip across Lithuania at the Railway Station.

Traveling to Vilnius by bus

Vilnius Bus station
+370 5 900 01 661

Vilnius Bus Station is located in a convenient place, next to the railway station, only a ten-minute walk to the Old Town. This is a perfect opportunity for tourists to visit the most beautiful place of the city within several hours. Trolley buses No. 1, 2, 5, 7, 20 and buses No. 34, 53 will take you
from the station to the center of the city.

At the International Ticket Agency you can buy tickets to Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Ireland, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Morocco, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and France.

Traveling to Vilnius by air

International Vilnius Airport
+370 5 273 9305

Upon arrival at the airport you can rent a car, exchange currency at the Currency Exchange Bureau located on the ground floor, have a snack at cafes or spend time in a bar. There are travel agencies, cargo carrying and express courier by air agencies, and as many as eight air companies at the airport. There is also a duty-free shop, the newsagent’s, amber and flower stalls. Free wireless internet “Airport-free” launched at Vilnius International Airport.
The International Vilnius Airport is 7 kilometers away from the center, or a fifteen-minute drive by car.
For more detailed information about the services provided at the airport see


By city buss


Bus times are available at bus stops or on the website

By train (airport to center station)
Distance from the airport to Vilnius Railway station is about 5 km, the journey takes up to 8 minutes. Trains run approximately every 40 minutes. The schedule can be found at Tickets can be purchased on the train or at Vilnius Railway Station.

By taxi
Next to the airport there is a taxi rank. There are always plenty of taxis there, however they can be more expensive than regular rate.

You can also call a taxi by phone or to book a taxi at Vilnius Tourist Information Centre (Airport Arrival Hall). Taxi booking and information

Everything you need to know about Lithuania in 10 min by ©Jokūbas Laukaitis



Area: 65,300 km2.
Location: Lithuania is a state on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.
Neighboring states: Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia.
Climate: Between maritime and continental. Average temperature in August is 22°C
Language: the official language of the Republic of Lithuania is the Lithuanian language.
Capital: Vilnius.
Currency: Euro
Local Time: GMT + 2 hours (EET), GMT + 3 hour (summer time)